RT004 - Vtwin Syringes

Withdraws Unwelcoming

Let me tell you, after such a short time with my license, I've already discovered my newest least favorite thing; not riding. 

It was kind of funny (when I was an "outsider") to listen to a rider describe reasons why they fell in love, and one thing that always came up was "going back to normal." Most motorcycle enthusiasts also have cars, or in my case, a bus pass. With that, comes many situations where one that would normally choose two-wheels, is left to take other forms of transportation--few of us live in places we can ride all year around. Removing those that like driving passenger vehicles, you're left with a small group of people that can't find an equal to the sensation of hand-on-throttle. 

With haste, I found out that I was the type to feel something special while piloting a motorcycle. So I'm in that last group of individuals that find only the desire to ride. 

At this stage, I can't find an equal. Even throughout my self-destructive and abusive adolescence, no drug nor substance ever gave me gaping grasp on relaxation and solitude like riding a motorcycle has done already, and in such a short time. 

Unfortunately for my addictive personality--and my current license restrictions--I want to, but cannot, ride everywhere at all times. Until I take my Motorcycle Skills Test (currently I have an appointment booked for two weeks from now, which was the earliest I could get) I am stuck taking the bus to and from my lessons. 

Which is precisely where I discovered my latest nemesis; getting off a bike, and sitting on public transit. I absolutely despise it. It's crude. It's atrocious. Dreadful. Ghastly. I relinquish ultimate control and freedom for something nearly the polar opposite. 

Transit, I've loved you for so long. 

I cannot be with you, in this dependent relationship any longer. 

It is nearly time -- though ICBC is crazy busy, and the earliest appointment I could get isn't actually soon -- for me to bid a farewell to proper transit for the season. 

The need I have in my body to ride a motorcycle has made me consider moving to a region with a longer riding season. 


- My butt sits on dozens of Motorcycles

- What Gear did I buy?

- Shopping for my first motorcycle

A RideTale Look

There it is. Branded. I am super happy with what I've been able to put together in terms of a clean style, simplistic logo, and small nods to the country and city I'm from. I love my black and gold helmet, and have received many compliments on the gold GoPro case on my chin, so that's that.

We will see how long it takes for me to want to buy a different helmet but hesitate because the logo is particularly those two colors. 

RideTale is here, officially, and expect a ton of things with that design on it. Though I will must likely just integrate the RT merch with my already opened DesignByHumans store.

Wallpapers, stickers, and decals will be coming soon! 


Fiend For Freedom

This past week was eye-opening. I've spoken of the sensational introduction to freedom and solitude that I was able to experience once I reached a certain point in my riding abilities. So it should come to no surprise that I've developed an obsessive impatience between motorcycle lessons. 

I was aggressively confronted by this addiction to the feeling on Wednesday. I sat at our meeting spot, awaiting the arrival of my instructor, and I couldn't believe that his normally punctual ethic was being squashed. That was until I finally decided to send him a message only to find out that we'd had a miscommunication the previous week, and he wasn't expecting me until hours later. 

After nearly an hour of sitting still -- as I had no where I needed to be now -- I realized how much my thoughts were frayed. 

It's been a long week. One of those that eats a bit at you, and you feel drained. So I was enthusiastic about my opportunity to ride that morning. I even left my GoPro and stuff at home so that I could just enjoy my time on the bike, and not be concerned about dropping in conversation with the camera every now and then. 

But I was not afforded that peace on that morning, and it felt bad. In turn, I realized just how much this has already become to me. Something I feel like I need, and so soon. 

Though I'm not reckless, or stupid (except for my errors as I'm learning), riding is a controlled bungee jump into a river of clear water, and sound thoughts. 

I did get to ride a bit this week. Which was pure bliss. Minus one blown-wide turn at high-speeds that I just messed up completely. 

Ride safe, and be free!