To the Moon and Alone

I can still picture the face of ten-year-old Derrick Lamb, as our ignorantly despondent elementary school teacher informed him that his desire to reach the moon was a bit of a farfetched idea. It began a destructive conversation, that ultimately ended in Derrick changing his mind.

"I'll just do what my dad does." he concluded. Sadly.

So many years later and we (as a species) are still aiming for that pedestal of lunar lunacy.

But why?

I have a theory as to why maturity doesn't dissolve the idea that the moon is a place we want to go.

It's the only place where hate doesn't live, inherently.

Maybe, as a child, the idea of blasting off into space is a fantastical concept birthed from the pages of books, or early morning cartoons. But as we gain time, and experience, on earth, we realize that there has to be more "out there" than the long developed seeds of preconception that put barriers between two people. Many times, for all the wrong reasons.

Obviously, some places are moving away from that at a rate faster than others. But do we believe we will ever live on this earth without it completely? Even in this "civilized" age, there is hate, ignorance, prejudice, and war.

I don't see a finale to the bred abomination of antagonistic society.

But there's a rock, in plain sight, that has yet to be infected with our breath. Somewhere that anyone, who's anyone, can be themselves. Without amenities, obviously. Which is more valuable though? Air that is breathable? Or life lived free of sacrificing the person you want to be.

So to the moon, we should go.



Do you have a story about a time where you succeeded regardless, or in spite of other's prejudice? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Header Image by: Michael MacRae